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YOGA Ashtanga Vinyasa


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

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All inquiries please send to bartosz.ayurveda@gmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/Ayurveda.Thai.Yoga.Massage

We are located at:

Sangha Yoga, Ginesta 14, Castelldefels, Spain at Costa Dorada.

We offer

  • Ashtanga Vinysa Yoga Classes in english

  • Ayurveda – lectures, therapeutic programs, and workshops

  • Massages, treatments and therapeutic programs

  • Professional massage courses – thai yoga massage, ayurveda yoga massage, kalari feet massage – chavutti thirumal, ayurvedic treatments. 50 hrs course costs 500 euro.

    More about our offer - here....

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Call for individual yoga classes and pranayama: Monika +48 782 828 733

IN SPAIN, Castelldefels & Barcelona

Call for yoga, ayurveda, massages and workshops:

Bartosz +34 665 39 00 93;





Dharma is the project for healthy and consious living. The consiousness and health is the key to hapiness. We invite you for ancient practices of East to gain this aim. All techniques and practices, we propose, are related to overcultural concept of dharma - natural law, which rules universe. By employing this law we gain constant developement on the path to health and hapiness.

Proposed practices and treatments are complementary to each other and their goal is to help our own path to health, in most efficient way.Through years we gain experience and knowledge in ashtanga vinyasa yoga, thai yoga, kalari and ayurvedic massages, and energy healing as well. For people who would like to help others through bodyworks we offer diffrent workshops in yoga, thai yoga massage, ayurveda.

.Dharma is a sanskrit word, related to natural law, which rules and upholds the universe. All eastern healing and spirutual traditions are based on this law. Living according to dharma we can live healthy and happy.


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